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X-Files Components 4.12 for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007

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X-Files Components 4.12 for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 (ID #24824)

X-Files Software

X-Files Components package contains full set of powerful advanced gradient components designed for Delphi 5, 6, 7, 8, 2005, 2006, 2007 and C++Builder 5, 6, 2006, 2007. The package includes automatic installer/uninstaller, several well commented demo applications and excellent context help system (over 750 topics).

TXDBGrid component is powerful functional extension of standard TDBGrid component. TXDBGrid component looks beautiful and implements many additional features like: fixed columns, fixed styles (flat and 3D), Windows XP themes, many variants of gradient drawing style, enhanced flat and 3D scrollbars, proportional scrolling for any DataSet even filtered, expandable columns and title headers, checkboxes, hot buttons, title and indicator images, many variants of pictures drawing into cells, title markers and multicolumns sorting, enhanced lookup lists, pick lists and drop-down lists, calculator, calendar, storing and loading columns layout (to ini file, registry, stream, string), enhanced support for bdRightToLeft BiDiMode, extended rows selection and notification, multiline rows and auto-numbering, hints, tooltips, column stretching and many many more ...

TXDBGrid 4.1 offers in addition: auto-updated quick sequence number, auto-changed sorting order for all standard DataSet descendants (ADO, BDE, CDS, DBX, IBX), auto-calculated totals values for whole DataSet and/or for SelectedRows, 4 kinds of integrated totals footers, many variants of drawing totals cells according to current FixedStyle & FixedTheme, some others improvements.

TXDBNavigator represents a gradient database navigator. It's a functional extension of standard TDBNavigator. TXDBNavigator introduces several new properties to control border of buttons, gradient drawing style and parent's background.

TXDBColumnsDialog is a complementary component for TXDBGrid component designed for grid columns management in run-time. The user can show/hide selected columns in the grid by using convenient dialog which presents columns list with checkboxes.

TXBlobField & TXGraphicField classes extend functionality of TBlobField & TGraphicField to achieve assignment compatibility between graphic BLOB field and TPicture class for another graphic formats. It allows directly using TImage, TDBImage, TQRImage, TQRDBImage with any graphic format stored in graphic BLOB fields (*.bmp, *.ico, *.wmf, *.emf, *.jpg, *.gif. *.png, *.tiff and others).

TXFGradient class is a fundamental class of gradient drawing style. It holds all properties and methods needed to realize gradient drawing for all controls. TXFGradient introduced a set of properties & options to select many variants of gradient drawing style. The properties, methods & events from this class allow to self-implement gradient drawing style in other controls.

X-Files Components 4 was increased by a set of gradient controls, which can fully replace appropriate standard controls. The gradient controls introduce several properties to control border and gradient style, transparency and parent's background for both classic Windows styles and Windows XP themes. You can find here gradient buttons (TXFButton, TXFBitBtn, TXFSpeedButton, TXFUpDown), gradient panels (TXFPanel, TXFGroupBox, TXFRadioGroup, TXFCheckGroup), gradient bars (TXFStatusBar, TXFTrackBar, TXFProgressBar), transparent controls (TXFLabel, XFStaticText, TXFCheckBox, TXFRadioButton) and several db-aware gradient controls (TXDBText, TXDBCheckBox, TXDBRadioGroup).

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