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EctoSet Modeller V2.2.1

Personal, Standard, Pro, Enterprise

EctoSet Modeller V2.2.1 (ID #20783)

Graeme Chandler

EctoSet Modeller is available in two versions:

EctoSet Modeller Standard
Capable of producing a range of diagrams, EctoSet Modeller Standard is the inexpensive way to begin development using UML. The intuitive, easy to use interface reduces the learning curve associated with a new product leaving you to concentrate on the task of designing your UML diagrams.

Many aspects of EctoSet Modeller can be customised - diagram colors, component tab switching, custom data types, visibility specifiers.

Diagram print-preview permits you to selectively copy portions of diagrams to the clipboard making it easy to paste your diagrams into documents.

An entire project is stored in a single project file using XML. Third party XML tools can be used to examine the content of your project. You can even drag and drop a EctoSet Modeller project file onto Internet Explorer and examine the XML structure.

Every diagram object is given a unique identifier - a GUID. This means you can share your projects with others and never risk clashes in object identifiers. Export diagram fragments to create libraries of commonly used diagram elements.

EctoSet Modeller Professional
Includes all the features found in the Standard version and includes Scripting, custom Data Collection Schemes and Web Export.

Scripting capability: With scripting code can be generated from your classes - right from within EctoSet Modeller. The scripting language is a fully featured language that presently provides read-only access to EctoSet Modeller data structures.

Scripts are provided to generate code for Delphi, Java, C++Builder and VB.

Data Collection Schemes: extend the information collected for operation and attribute properties by creating a Data Collection Scheme (DCS). All data collected by a DCS is accessible by scripts for code generation, documentation etc. A DCS can be specified for EctoSet overall and may be overriden at the project level.

Web Export: Export an entire project, along with the project tree, to HTML pages using customizable templates.

Check the feature matrix ( for more information.

About the Trial Versions
The trial versions of EctoSet Modeller permit you to evaluate fully functional Use Case diagramming including saving, printing and loading of Use Case diagrams. The second trial is a fully functional demonstration of all diagrams but without the ability to save or load projects.

A FREE read-only project viewer is also available from

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