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Rose Delphi Link (ID #17975)

Ensemble Systems

UML Modeling for Delphi Developers

Ensemble Rose Delphi Link integrates Rational Rose scalable object modeling capabilities and the Borland Delphi Rapid Application Development environments. Rose Delphi Link supports code generation, reverse engineering and model/code synchronization of Borland Delphi projects using Rational Rose.

Rose Delphi Link also gives Delphi developers the added capability of version control between the Delphi environment and Rational ClearCaseŽ through the Delphi ClearCase Integration.

Rose Delphi Link's seamless integration between Rose and Delphi transform these tools into a complete and comprehensive development suite for software developers and design teams. Rose Delphi Link enables your team to:

*Visualize your design by reverse engineering existing code
*Generate "markerless" code from your Rational Rose model
*Keep your model and code synchronized through round trip engineering

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