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USG Freeware (ID #18478)

Dennis Passmore

Ultimate Software, Inc. Freeware

The file contains the complete source code
for the following Delphi 7 utilities.


This is a Delphi 7 IDE addin package that adds enhanced Library path
and Project Search path editing capabilities. Once installed it will
show up under the "Tools" menu labeled "Library Path Editor". The top
Listbox displayed will provide the ability to edit and save the default
Library path. The bottom Listbox provides the ability to edit and save
the your Project specific Search and Debug paths.

Note: This project requires the usage of a 3rd party freeware source
library from Brad Stowers. The complete source code library for these
files can be found in the file

To install this Delphi 7 IDE expert just execute the program
Installer.exe and select the option for Library Path Editor and Install,
it will copy the file LibPathEdit70.bpl into your ../Delphi7/bin
directory and register so it will be loaded into the IDE the next
time you start the Delphi 7 IDE.


This IDE addin package adds "before compile" functionality
to all of your Delphi 7 IDE compiled projects. In its default
configuration it will create a file called "CompileDateTime.pas"
in the ../Delphi7/lib sub-directory. This Delphi unit can be
added to any project and the compiled Date and Time for the
project will be available for display in your programs.

A demo showing how to use the CompileDateTime.pas unit can be
found in the file

To install this Delphi 7 IDE package execute the program
Installer.exe and select the option Before Compile Expert and
Install, it will copy the file BeforeCompile70.bpl into the
../Delphi7/bin ( if it does not already exist ) and then
register it so it will be loaded the next time you restart the
Delphi 7 IDE.


This a Windows Explorer Shell Extension which when installed
adds a menu option to the Explorer that shows up when ever you
right click on a Delphi Project (*.dpr) and Package (*.dpk) file.
It adds the ability to execute the command line compiler (Dcc32.exe)
into the Explorer and when executed will stop and display any
errors messages that may be output by the compiler.

To install this Shell Extension execute the program Installer.exe
and select the option Compiler Shell Extension and Install. It
will copy the file Compile70.dll into your Windows system directory
and register it so it will show up the next time open a Explorer
window. (Explorer must be restarted).

These utilites which have been updated and compiled with Delphi 7
are also Delphi 6 compatible. Older Delphi 5 compatible versions
can be downloaded from Borland Code Central submission ID# 16098.

software written by
Dennis M. Passmore
Senior Engineer

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